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Organic seed supply was founded with a deep commitment to organic farming practices

Our Story:

Founded with a deep commitment to organic farming practices and environmental sustainability, Organic Seed Supply was born out of a love for nurturing the earth and a desire to offer fellow garden enthusiasts the very best in organic seeds.

We understand the importance of knowing where your seeds come from, which is why we take pride in sourcing our seeds from local, reputable growers across the United States.

Every seed we offer has been carefully selected for its purity, vitality, and adherence to organic principles.

Why Choose Organic Seed Supply

We believe in the power of organic gardening to create a positive impact on our planet and our well-being. Organic seeds are free from harmful synthetic chemicals and genetically modified organisms, ensuring that you're planting the purest, healthiest seeds in your garden.

By choosing Organic Seed Supply, you're not only supporting sustainable agriculture but also investing in the future of your garden and the environment.

We are dedicated to empowering gardeners of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros, with the tools they need to grow thriving organic gardens.

Our diverse selection of seeds includes everything from heirloom vegetables to vibrant wildflowers, catering to a wide range of tastes and preferences. We're here to provide expert guidance, helpful tips, and a community of like-minded gardeners who share our passion for organic living.